Saturday, November 30, 2013

Froggit Friday! Sweater's Demise

Last night, I tore out my not-really-a-whisper cardigan. It's always fun when you start something like this, and realize you have no memory of what you did or any idea what the hell is going on here. I had completely forgotten that I worked the lower bands separately on smaller needles, then tacked them down. No wonder it always kind of pulled up weird in front. Crepes. Then there was a very awkward, tangled hour while I figured out how to disengage the sleeves from the band (hint: I should have started with the lower body, not the sleeves).
I was left with a handful of disheveled skeins. This morning, I cross tied them thoroughly, loosely, and let them soak in warm, soapy water for about an hour.

Inter-dimensional being expressed as bubble congeries and nameless chaos,
 or yarn bath? You decide!
I rinsed, and they had another short soak in warm, not soapy water. Then I them gave them a squeeze and hung them up to dry. I debated weighting them, as hardcore frogging purists insist, but everything seemed pretty relaxed, and I ending up deciding I didn't want to risk stretching out the yarn, especially a plant fiber/synthetic blend.
Poor bedraggled sods. They do smell quite nice, though. I have a feeling time, wear, and frogging has changed the Firefly a little. It seems fluffier. I'm curious to see if I notice a difference knitting with it. I remember it being a little stiff, though not unpleasantly so, and full of flax fibers.
I can't wait for them to dry so I can swatch!

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