Sunday, May 27, 2012

What I've Been Up To Lately

Making muffins. Practicing my embroidery. Rehabilitating my poor ankle (I sprained it badly just before my birthday; 35 turns out to be the year I give up on clogs).
 I finished this needlepoint sampler I started months ago.
The delicate colors were inspired by cold, foggy mornings. Samplers are one of my favorite ways to play with the color combinations that periodically obsess me, and I just love working lots of fancy stitches. I'm planning something brighter, maybe in bargello, for my next project.

A new sweater, just in time for Spring. I'm a rabid devotee of Susie Myers' contiguous method for top-down sweaters with set in sleeves. I am much happier with the fit of sweaters I've made using this technique, as opposed to raglan or circular yoke shaping. 
There's already another one on my needles, a summer cardigan in hemp and rayon.

I admit, my very favorite part of any project is really planning and starting, followed closely by the actual working of it. I must be one of those "process" types you hear about...