Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vernal Equinox

Weather this time of year is a series of incursions, raiding parties of light, driven back by totalitarian storm clouds. Every day, the rebel weather gains more ground, a degree or two of temperature, a burst of flowers, buds of leaves which will, in a few months, rule the earth.

 Blossoming cherry trees line the sidewalks with tiny pink petals.
I'd love to have some of this forsythia in my studio. So cheerful!
 I took these pictures on a recent walk around my neighborhood in SE Portland, during one of those rare moments of sunshine. Efflorescence abounds, Spring in spite of everything.
Happy Ostara!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Leftover House Socks - Patchwork Cable

        So, that happened last week. Just in case you forgot it's still sort of winter.

                             These bulky, woolly socks are just the thing for refusing to go outdoors in.

 I am in the thrall of knitting procrastination these days. I have a sweater that wants but another handful of rows. And finishing. Then there's the knee-high, all over, bar the ribbing. L'sigh. 
 When I reach that last stretch of a long project, I always get restless. Promiscuous, even. Am I going to spend this afternoon working on any of the above mentioned nearly done knitting? No. I have a couple skeins of cashmere that need something brioche done to them. And some left over Manos and Peruvia that I think will make more house socks, color-work this time (I'm one of those people who completely over estimates the amount of things that can be accomplished in an afternoon).