Friday, September 9, 2011

I Send to You this Cadmium Yellow

This was so enjoyable to knit! The fancy herringbone stitch, from Barbara G. Walker's indispensable Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns, is easy and quick. It makes for a squishy fabric that looks lovely on both sides, perfect for an effortless cowl or scarf. I used an economical and surprisingly dreamy cotton, dyed with tumeric powder. 


-350yds worsted weight yarn.
I used Universal Yarns Cotton Supreme, white, dyed with about 2tbsp tumeric powder.
-US #8 (5mm) needles.
-Waste yarn for provisional cast on.

4.75sts/1” in stitch pattern.

Finished size:
14" x 35"

Psso2: pass the slipped stitch over 2sts. Slip all stitches purl-wise.
With preferred provisional method, cast on 67sts.
You can find instructions for my favorite provisional method here.
Purl one row. 

Fancy Herringbone Stitch (multiple of 3 + 1, repeat in brackets):

R1 (RS): Slip 1, k3, {yo, slip 1, k2, psso2} to last 3sts, k3.
R2 (WS): Slip 1, k2, p1, {yo, slip 1, p2, psso2} to last 3sts, k3.

Repeat R1-2 until cowl measures 35” or desired length. Work R1 once more.
Next row: k3, purl to last 3sts, k3.

Remove waste yarn from provisional cast on, placing live stitches on a second needle. Graft ends together with a 3-needle bind off or kitchener stitch. You can find my directions for kitchenering a provisional cast-on here. Make sure you do this a bit tight, to match the tension of the fancy herringbone stitch. If you prefer, omit the provisional cast on, begin and bind off in the usual way, and seam.

Copyright 2011 The Idle Witch
This is a free pattern for all to enjoy, but please let me know if you would like to use it in a class or sell items made using this pattern.


  1. Well, I don't know why nobody else has commented here. Thank you for posting this pattern! I like the texture quite a lot! I started working on something in a worsted weight but I think I'm going to also try a bulky with far fewer stitches in the interest of getting a project done quicker. I am having a little trouble with the math, though. Should I cast on multiples of three (plus the 4 and 3 at the sides)?

  2. This would be fabulous in a bulkier yarn! I would guess maybe #13US needles for a similar drape. Any multiple of 3 should work with the pattern, +7sts for the border.

    The stitch pattern by itself is a multiple of 3 +1, so if you wanted to change the edge at all, you could add any number of stitches divided evenly on either side.

    Happy Knitting!

  3. oh my sweet lord, this is just too beautiful, thank you so so much for sharing this awesome pattern with us, I just love it

  4. Hello,

    I would like to make this cowl in a sport weight yarn. I am a newer knitter and I am not sure how to figure how many stitches I would need to cast on to make the 15 inch wide scarf. I know the drape is an issues as well and I am not sure if this scarf would do well in the lighter weight yarn.
    Also, is this stitch pretty stretchy or is it a denser stitch?

    Thank you