Friday, October 11, 2013

Froggit Friday! The Sweater With No Name

During the Last Great Closet Purge, I realized something. I have way too many sweaters that I never wear. It's not that they're horrible. I even get compliments on them when I wear them. They just. Well. I just don't like them. Many are early sweaters I knit for myself. They have flaws that other people might not notice, or things about them I would do very differently now, and send me cursing. So! Knitter's Resolution #1: Frog the little bastards. Make new sweaters that I do love, and will wear.

First up, A sweater I made three years ago. The idea was something along the lines of Hannah Fettig's lovely Whisper Cardigan.
I added a cabled panel down the spine, and used a sportweight linen/viscose blend, Firefly. The first thing that's wrong with it is that the bind-off on the collar, which really should have been wider, is too tight. It always bunches unpleasantly. Urgh!
Then there's the fact that it doesn't quite give me enough coverage to go over the straps on sleeveless tops, which means I have to safety pin it in place, or it becomes useless for wearing to work in Summer, the purpose for which it was built. This is an unpardonable offense.
Finally, it's just a bad, bad shape for me. It manages to draw awkward attention to the places I go out while concealing the places I go in. And see the thing with the collar again? Excuse me while I twitch a bit.
  I think there are five balls in it, and I have two more in my stash. I am going to try for a slinky, henley style pullover; with a low neckline and 3/4 length sleeves, I believe I'll have enough.

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