Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Levallois Knee-highs

My life as a knitter is increasingly defined by the quest to find the perfect combination of enjoyable work and wearable end product. If I'm going to spend hours and weeks on a project, I want to make sure it will be an instant favorite when finished, something I wear often and happily. Likewise, I want to spend all those hours and weeks as pleasantly as possible. It's an endeavor to find the right blend of ingredients: yarn I love to handle, a pattern that keeps me entertained but never feels fussy, and plenty of signposts of progress (lest my relaxing pastime turn to drudgery), but always worth the attention.
More and more, I find myself returning to classic stitches. These knee-socks use the little arrowhead stitch, which is usually near the beginning of the "lace" section in any compendium (my perennial favorites are Barbara Walker's first two treasuries).
I like to think it is one of the Ur-stitches, discovered by the original knitters when they first started to play with yarn overs and decreases.
            If you'd like to make these for yourself, you can download the pattern here
                           or visit my project page on Ravelry for more details.


  1. wait you made these? Thats awesome they're beautiful. I use to live next to a little old lady (Mrs. Pool), she taught me how to knit when I was a kid and I use to be awesome at it...I forgot how and now I'm not crafty at all. I dont even know how to sew a button back on! Lame :(

  2. wow these are amazing :)
    awesome post!


  3. they look amazing! xx