Friday, August 19, 2011

Yipes! Stripes!

                  I turned around one day in July, and realized I'm in the midst of a craze for stripes.
Mad Simple Shapely Legwarmers
Top Down Summer Sweater

Little Anklets

This is hardly surprising. Return with me now, if you would, to the dark ages of the late 20th century, before there was a Hot Topic in every mall, before Harry Potter and Hogwart's house colors. Should a girl want something like the Doubtful Guest's scarf, or Dorrie's long and never-matching socks...
from one of my favorite Edward Gorey books

from Dorrie and the Blue Witch

...there was only one thing to do. Learn to knit. Somewhere in a trunk, I still have that first black and white striped scarf. It's about 1.56 miles long. I wore out the stockings long ago.

The Rikke Hat
-Stripes are completely addictive to work. "Just one more row"  easily becomes, "Just one more stripe".
-Stripes are thrifty, and eat up those single skeins all knitters have lurking in their stash.
-Stripes are a fantastic way to play with color; against a neutral background, even wild colors look fresh.

Different Lines

You'd think I'd be sick of them by now, but I'm plotting some old-fashioned stripey knee-highs for fall. Maybe I'll mis-match them, just like Dorrie.

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